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In order to become a real diver, you need passion, commitment, good teachers and a lot of training. Nevertheless, you might be left with some doubt! This is why OCEAN REEF has created this playlist reviewing step by step all the movements and the basic precautions needed for a completely safe dive. Videos are intended as a support to Reading the User Manual and proper training with certified professionals.

Special programs, kits and offers


Check the link below to find out how to renew your OCEAN REEF gear switching from something older, to the newest products. Ask your preferred dealer to take you through the steps of choosing your new OCEAN REEF IDM.



Check the link below to find out how to get the most from switching your other manufacturer FFM into a state-of-the-art OCEAN REEF IDM. Ask your preferred dealer to take you through the steps of choosing your new OCEAN REEF IDM.



Check the link below and find out more about the Kits – a reach out from OCEAN REEF to Scuba Diving Professionals such as Instructors, to make their life easier, in the ever challenging world of teaching.



gamma 105 2010 rel 1.pdf

Gamma 105 user Manual

manual gpower-sl.pdf

GSM GpowerSL user Manual.

manual m105digital.pdf

M105 digital user Manual.

manual m105digital dual channel.pdf

M105 digital dual channel user Manual.

manual alphaproxdivers-1.pdf

Alpha Pro X divers user Manual

gsmdc communication unit manual rel1.2 .pdf

GSM DC communication unit user Manual

Neptune Space Predator TDivers manual rel1.3 .pdf

Predator Tdivers IDM user Manual

Neptune II .pdf

Neptune II user Manual

manual cube.pdf

GSM Cube3 user Manual

neptune space manual rel 9.3.pdf

Space IDM user Manual

gamma alpha 2010 rel 2.pdf

Gamma Alpha user Manual


SL35 TX first stage user Manual

Neptune space raptor rel 2.3.pdf

Space IDM raptor (Space Extender 100) user Manual

Neptune Space Predator rel 3.2.pdf

Predator IDM user Manual

Neptune Space Iron rel 3.2.pdf

Iron IDM user Manual

Extender User Manual.pdf

Extender User Manual

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