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In order to become a real diver, you need passion, commitment, good teachers and a lot of training. Nevertheless, you might be left with some doubt! This is why OCEAN REEF has created this playlist reviewing step by step all the movements and the basic precautions needed for a completely safe dive. Videos are intended as a support to Reading the User Manual and proper training with certified professionals.

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When and where to get Training

FSC November 2nd & 3rd Beringen, Belgium
SC November 4th  Beringen, Belgium
FSC November 9th & 10th  Chalkida, Greece
SC Refresher November 12th  DEMA, Orlando Florida USA
SC November 13th  DEMA, Orlando Florida USA
FSC November 20th & 21st Kenosha, WI, USA
SC November 22nd  Kenosha, WI, USA
FSC November 24th & 25th  Ocean Reef ITC, Bedfordshire, UK
SC November 26th Ocean Reef ITC, Bedfordshire, UK
SC November 27th  San Diego, California, USA
FSC November 24, 25 & 26th Ocean Reef ITC, Dahab, Egypt
FSC December 16th & 17th Ocean Reef ITC Rainbow Reef, Florida, USA
FSC January 4th & 5th  Belgium
SC January 6th  Belgium
FSC January 11th & 12th Heedel, Netherlands
SC January 13th  Zeist, Netherlands
FSC January 19th & 20th Ocean Reef ITC, Bedfordshire, UK
SC January 21st  Ocean Reef ITC, Bedfordshire, UK
FSC January 31 – February 2nd Melbourne, VIC, Australia
FSC February 8th – 10th South West Rocks, NSW, Australia
FSC February 23rd & 24th Tweeds Head, NSW, Australia
FSC March 6th – 8th Adelaide, SA, Australia
FSC March 27th – 29th Melbourne, VIC, Australia
FSC April 27th & 28th  Malta
SC April 29th  Malta
FSC May 8th – 10th Melbourne, VIC, Australia
FSC May 24th & 25th Tweeds Head, NSW, Australia
FSC August 30th & 31st Tweeds Head, NSW, Australia
FSC November 29th & 30th Tweeds Head, NSW, Australia


What is a Neptune System Training program?

Teaching people new skills and learning to act on a different way it’s always a challenge. In diving we are fully aware that proper training is essential to reach the required level of comfort and safety. Therefore communication of the essential informations is an important part of the whole process. With the OCEAN REEF Full Face mask and underwater communication systems we have extra tool to use beside hand signs communication.When we go diving with new dive equipment we need to spend some time in learning how to use these new tools and the Neptune Space Training program (NSTP) has been designed to teach how to use OCEAN REEF Fullface mask and underwater communication systems on a safe, enjoyable and efficient way.With the support of Course Directors, Instructor Trainers and instructors around the world the OCEAN REEF’s R&D department developed the NSTP program. The NSTP program is a friendly step-to-step learning process of “why” and “how” to use an OCEAN REEF full-face mask, kits accessories and the communication units or how to teach using these new tools.Forget the scuba diving rule “ do not breath through the nose”, cause what you will be practicing is to breath through mouth and nose while diving. Breathing naturally trough the nose creates lots of advantages; It will moister your inhalation air and it will stimulate belly breathing which allows you to use your full lung capacity, taking in more oxygen, making your air consumption more efficient.Having nothing to bite means a mouth completely free to speak. Speaking underwater and stay focused on hearing what other people tell you is completely new experience. We need to learn the proper technique of conscious breathing and speaking underwater.Topics that will be covered:


  • Familiarization with the OCEAN REEF IDM & U/W Communication systems
  • Proper adjustment of the Fullface mask and 3-D equalization system
  • Pre dive safety checks
  • Donning and doffing of an OCEAN REEF Fullface mask
  • Why an Ocean Reef Fullface mask does not leak water and the visor will never fog
  • Switch back to conventional backup system of octopus and spare mask
  • Clear a full flooded IDM under water
  • Install Underwater communication equipment
  • Learn the technique of speaking underwater using the wireless communication systems.
  • Underwater teaching, using U/W communication systems
  • Proper maintenance procedures.The program is designed to improve the dive instructors knowledge and familiarity of an important and and sometimes overlooked area of diving activity. OCEAN REEF can also provide educational material for certified instructors. In our NSTP download area for Instructors you can download manuals and supportive training material. Hardcopy’s of the teaching manuals are available trough the official OCEAN REEF Authorized Dealer or contact our training department directly. For any question, please send email to:

What is an OCEAN REEF Training Center?

Recreational and professional divers can find well trained instructors all over the world at OCEAN REEF Authorized Dealers. These centers offer training opportunities in becoming a certified expert in the use of OCEAN REEF IDM & Communication systems. Check our Authorized Dealer locator to find your nearest OCEAN REEF training opportunity. For any question, please send email to:

What is an OCEAN REEF ITC (Instructor Training Center)?

Travelling to Italy or San Diego to get trained from the factory is not always a possible option. In collaboration with some professional diving centers all over the world, OCEAN REEF established the OCEAN REEF Instructor Training Centers (ITCs).Recreational and professional divers can find well trained instructors all over the world at OCEAN REEF ITCs. These centers offer training opportunities in becoming a certified expert in the use of OCEAN REEF IDM & Communication systems.An Ocean Reef Instructor Training Center is an alternative representation for our in-house company training. All OCEAN REEF ITC’s have one or more OCEAN REEF Training Development Coordinator (TDC) as part of its staff. The TDC is trained under the supervision of the engineers and trainers of the OCEAN REEF Company in Italy or United States.The ITC is fully equipped with OCEAN REEF IDM & U/W Communication equipment. You will not only find a place where the OCEAN REEF training is offered, you will also find a high qualified dive location where the state of the art equipment of OCEAN REEF is available in order to offer a new way of teaching SCUBA today, using underwater communication as an essential tool in education. Ocean Reef Instructor Training Centers are established in:


  • Italy il Grande Blu Diving Center
  • Egypt Team Blue Immersion
  • UK Hydro active
  • BonaireDive Friends Bonaire
  • USA Rainbow Reef Dive Center. For any question, please send email to:

What is an OCEAN REEF Factory Sponsored Course (FSC)?

On regular basis OCEAN REEF ITC’s, HQs or TDCs in various locations are organising the OCEAN REEF Factory Sponsored Course. The Factory Sponsored Course (FSC) is a initiated program by OCEAN REEF, inviting active SCUBA Instructors and Course Director to participate in a intensive two-day program becoming an expert in the use of OCEAN REEF equipmentThe FSC contains presentations, workshops and a lot of in-water time going trough all aspects of using OCEAN REEF IDM & Comm. systems in regular dive training. The program ends up with a practical and theoretical exam. After successful participation candidates will receive a diploma. By providing the diploma to your scuba-training agency you will become an Ocean Reef IDM & U/W Comm Instructor.The OCEAN REEF Factory Sponsored Course program recognition is now available for: PADI / SSI / NAUI / SDI-TDI / IDD-IADS / NOB / SNSI / WOSD Instructors.Check out the events calendar for more informations regarding the next FSC at your desired location. For any question, please send email to: 

The FSC is not a Free course. It is a very professional, full course, for professionals seeking knowledge that has proven to be key also for the building of effective sales. 



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