Why an IDM?


  • Easy to grab, sturdy design.
  • Large air vents.
  • Allows IDM divers to breath ambient air when at the surface, without having to take off the mask.

Why an IDM?


  • Experience natural breathing, just like on land.

Why an IDM?


  • Air circulation is achieved with an orinasal pocket so that CO2 build-up is not mixed with fresh air.
  • One-way circulation keeps mask clear.

Integrated Diving Mask (IDM)
training videos

In order to become a real diver, you need passion, commitment, good teachers and a lot of training. Nevertheless, you might be left with some doubt! This is why OCEAN REEF has created this playlist reviewing step by step all the movements and the basic precautions needed for a completely safe dive. Videos are intended as a support to Reading the User Manual and proper training with certified professionals.

oceanreef ambassadors

Marcelo Ogata


Marcelo (aka Bugdreamer) is an amazing underwater filmmaker and photographer. His passion for photographing small critters dates back years before his diving career, on land. Now you can see the most incredible creatures of the Ocean in his works.

Garry Dallas


Also known as “Sidemount Bob”, Garry is a Recreational, Technical and Cave diving Instructor Trainer, co-owner and director of training for RAID UK & Malta training agency and key member of the “Apeks Cave Exploration” and “Apeks Tek Testing” teams.

Alberto Balbi


Award-winning professional photojournalist, founder of the ‘Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy’, the first Underwater Image Academy in Italy and its World-famous teacher. He works with numerous magazines and is part of the Italian television program “Missione Relitti”, about wrecks exploration.

Isabella Zandona


Isabella “Bella”, is a marine biology student, Advanced and Rescue certified Scuba Diver based in the Pacific Northwest. She’s had a strong passion for the ocean since she was very young. Now Bella uses her platform, divingwithbella, to share and educate others about the wonders of the ocean.

Emilio Mancuso


Marine biologist, photographer, dive instructor: this is Emilio Mancuso, our Italian ambassador. Environmental conservationist and expert in citizen science’ projects.



Song & Jan

South Korea 

This cute couple of divers is also committed in environmentalism and Ocean protection. Song is an actress, the only Korean female PADI Ambassadiver and she has been up for a decoration by the Korean Coast Guard. We love their wedding picture while hanging thier Space Extenders!



BlueNomads.Org was founded by Diego Arechaga and Ander Argote in 2016. The former IT engineers and passionate Technical Divers created this Social Enterprise to support Marine Conservation and Blue Economy through Innovation, Sonar Surveying, Satellite Analysis, Oceanographic Simulations… They dive using a unique OCEAN REEF IDMs Sidemount Tek System.

Dani Mendoza


A real full face mask lover. Dani is the owner of Night Snorkel Cozumel Diving center. A great photographer and the best teacher you could ask for an amazing experience of diving or snorkeling in Mexico.

Bigs Eggert


Bigs is the owner of Amun Ini Dive in Bohol Philippines, Sales & Marketing Director for Amun Ini Beach Resort and Scuba Instructor for over 20 years, where a Free OCEANREEF Full Face Mask trials is offered. “We love converting divers to a new incredible way of diving!”.

Anton Pronichev


Anton is a long-term user of OCEAN REEF  products and the leader of the diving WildDucksTeam. Anton travels the world for diving explorations always with his OCEAN REEF IDMs! He is also a great underwater videographer!

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