Living Eco

Research & care for environment

Love for the sea means attention to the environment. Our company is committed to making eco-sustainable choices every day. Our technology allows us to move studies not only strictly related to production, but also to solutions for the world of tomorrow. We are proud to test our products off the bay of Noli where we created the Nemo’s Garden: the proof of how much we feel the sea not only as a place to explore, but an environment to be made as accessible as possible to the whole humanity.

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Common values

OCEAN REEF  is proud to have a community of cusomers and brand Ambassadors that shares the same values of respect and protection of the environment.
Every year we undertake initiatives in support of the planet to raise awareness among the population on the issue of ecology.

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Go Paperless

OCEAN REEF is committed to reducing the quantity of paper printed every year by digitalizing our current and future files, manuals, catalogs and brochures. We have also developed the creation of barcodes on our packaging to avoid printing additional information. We communicate our promos, company updates, internal communications and more, digitally. Instead of traditional methods such as mailing, we implemented paperless marketing (email campaigns, digital newsletters, social media posts, digital ads) as much as possible.

Manuals and useful documents

Conscious Choice

OCEAN REEF mission is to make the underwater exploration accessible to everyone through innovative and advanced products from snorkeling to diving gears. We are committed to responsibly reducing the environmental impact of materials used in the creation and packaging of these items. We have reduced the number of colors on our products line, starting from January 2021 we have created a unique and universal packaging for any of our products by selecting the same ink – color and paper box material.

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Don't stop the flaw.

Don’t stop the flaw” is the OCEAN REEF’s Every Resource Counts initiative to put its imperfect products back on the market at a 40% special discount. A smudged logo, a pierced package, small imperfections that caused them not to pass our QC although their functionality was as expected. In the era of ecological and climatic disasters, little flaws can no longer wipe out the real value of a product, stopping its life cycle and condemning the product to landfill.

Don’t stop the flaw, go with the flaw, proudly.

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