Our vision


Maybe that’s why we’re so irresistibly

attracted to it.

As soon as we’re immersed in it,

once again we turn to breathe, we feel

we’re back to our true natural setting.

We yearn to be back in it to better

observe it, to admire its grandness,

always with new eyes.

To be back in it, to be astonished by

it and to share its wonders with our


To be back in it to imbue new life to

the very place that’s been witness

to the birth of it all

Our over and underwater brand.
OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders.
Find out more: diving | snorkeling
Plants growing underwater: an alternative system of agriculture for those areas where environmental conditions make plants growth difficult.
Find out more: www.nemosgarden.com
MESTEL SAFETY is our brand for Protection Equipment, OEM productions and development in molding, electronics and engineering.
Find out more:  www.mestelsafety.com

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