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Integrated Diving Mask (IDM)

How do I equalize with an OCEAN REEF IDM?

Seated inside the orinasal pocket is the 3d equalization system. It’s a 3 way directional adjustment system up/down, wide/narrow, close/far, made for maximum comfort and nose breathing.2 silicone plugs can be adjusted to any nose shape so that they are comfortably touching the upper lip. Pushing the mask towards the face when needed causes the plugs to create a nasal seal. Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to set up the mask.

What if the mask fogs?

IDMs do not fog – no product treatment is needed thanks to the 1 way air circulation system achieved with the orinasal pocket. The orinasal pocket also keeps separeted fresh air for inhalation from the CO2 exhaled.

What comes with an IDM?

– integrated diving mask (2 sizes S/M – M/L and different colors) with integrated, balanced, 2nd stage;
– padded bag (professional line), mesh bag (sport line);
– standard lp hose;
– 2 years warranty for gdivers masks – lifetime warranty for all the professional line masks
– different sizes nose extension plugs.

What is my size?

2 sizes are available – S/M – M/L. For an average adult body size, male or female, M/L is suggested. Check the measurement to be sure what size fits you or visit your neerest dealer to try the mask on (map).

Can I wear glasses while diving?

The optical lens support is a dedicted frame, compatible with the scuba line, the ARIA mask and other snorkeling full face masks, which allows to use optical lenses (lenses not included) with the mask. Easy to place and remove, it gives you the ability to share the mask with anyone by just adding or removing the lenses. video here.

What if I’m in an out of air situation?

There are 2 ways, we recommend, depending on your configuration:
– without removing the mask: if you and your dive buddy are equipped with quick connection on the IDM regulator and on the octopus. Procedure: (diver A is going to share the air, diver B needs air). Diver A disconnects the lp hose from his octopus, diver B disconnects his lp hose from the IDM 2nd stage and Diver A connects the yellow lp hose to diver B’s 2nd stage
– removing the mask: if not equipped with quick connection, or for preference reason. Procedure: by using the quick release Diver B removes his mask and gets his buddy’s octopus in the mouth. We always suggest to keep a conventional spare mask in the BCD pocket. In the training section you can find helpful videos on how we recommend to perform these drills – we highly recommend to get training in a certified facility for added safety and to really get the best out of your equipment.

How do I wear the mask? Donning/Doffing the IDM

Release all the 6 straps. Put the mask in place and then proceed with the correct tightening order:
– (from top – forehead – to bottom, vertical) pull middle ones;
– make sure the strap is still in place, well centered behind your head, if neccessary pull it down;
– tighten the bottom straps;
-top straps tightening. DO NOT OVER TIGHT.
Doffing procedure: grap the two quick releases (or the tabs) and pull them outward in front of you.

What is the Extender Kit & Frame compatible with?

This new product is already included purchasing the Space Extender and the Space Extender 100 (O2 compatible version). It is also compatible with the GDivers masks. The Extender kit is retrofittable on the previous GDivers, neptune space and raptor models (2006-2015).

What is included with the Extender frame?

– frame: the right option if you want to mount an action camera, a torch, an underwater camera such as GoPro, or Sony, it offers extra protection for your head and some extra surface to drill and create your own configuration;
– new NACS, underwater communication support – a sturdy connection to the frame that can withstand a lot of stress without breaking. All the weight of the comm units is well distributed on the frame, you won’t even remember it’s there;
– 2 earphone supports: supports for MHA-2 headsets (not included) for the GSM GPower SL comm unit, these supports serve also as possible fittings for action cameras, lights, underwater camera, etc. depending on ones need and fantasy.

Can I use OCEAN REEF IDMs for tech diving?

Multi gas dive: Yes. Professional line masks come 40% Nitrox compatible. There is the option for a Space Extender 100 O2 compatible 100%. Also, the dual tank valve allows connection of the second stage directly to two gas sources (mix, side mounting, pony bottle). It allows a diver to alternate between sources, thanks to the switch, without removing the mask. The Tdivers Line, inside the professional line is dedicated to tech divers. Also available are a range of different lengths of hoses and other equipment, all in the Tdivers hose pack.

Underwater communication unit

With how many people can I communicate underwater?

With the wireless underwater communication, as long as you are using the same transmission channel, within the unit range, (from 200 mt up 500 mt depending by the models) THERE IS NO LIMIIT.

Is the underwater comm. unit included with the mask?

It is not. The underwater communciation is an optional you can add to your Integrated Diving Mask configuration.

How can I mount the underwater comm. unit on the mask?

All the OCEAN REEF Integrated Diving Masks have a communication port on the left side of the visor. Remove the cap from the port and insert the microphone inside the mask. (the white membrane must face the visor). Once the mic is in and the ptt button is well screwed in (hand tight), mount the unit on the NACS support, or directly on the strap if you are not using the support.

What’s the difference between wireless communication and hardwired communication?

– Wireless communciation: half duplex (transmitting mode by pressing the push-to-talk button), no cables required, 1 or 2 channels (depending by the model), range within 200 and 500 mt (depending by the unit), 9 volts battery not included, quality can be related to its environment.
– Hardwired communciation: full duplex (hands free communication), always perfect quality, no battery needed for the underwater unit which is always connected with the surface unit, range related to the cable length.

Can I customize the cable lenght for my hardwired communcation system?

Sure, the standard length is 50 mt, customizable up to 250mt.
Range/Distance: 200 mt (underwater) for the GSM gdivers, GSM DC (dual channel), CUBE3.
500 mt (underwater) for the GSM GPower and GPower SL (headset version).
For the hardwired communication the range is releated to the cable length.

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