Professional line


OCEAN REEF took the concept of Full Face Masks further.
We created an Integrated Diving Mask that combines everything a diver needs in and with the mask itself. We designed the IDMs to be comfortable and to perform under any circumstance, in any environment and for any professional need.
Every model in the Professional Line is thought for a category of professional use – being it contaminated water, teaching, shooting movies or simply knowledgable dives, we take you Underwater, Naturally.

Why Dive an IDM?


Retro fitting any Gdivers, Raptor, or Space mask from 2006 on, the Extender kit is here to extend your diving possibilities. The Kit includes various accessories that integrate with comm units, but it also is compatible with sport camera mounts and can customized endlessly. The Kit comes in 5 different colors, with the new NACS and earphone supports. The Extender Frame comes in the same 5 colors, but without added accessories, in case you want to customize your gear more.

Communication units

OCEAN REEF has designed a communication system which is easy to use, lightweight, and within a recreational diver’s budget. The OCEAN REEF underwater communication system adds a whole new dimension to dive safety and enjoyment by connecting divers with each other and with partners on the surface.


The beauty of diving IDMs is that you have a lot more than a mask and regulator – you have the space and ability to add (integrate) accessories to your breathing and visual apparatus. We have a whole set of accessories designed to add features to your mask that will broaden your options while diving.
Our over and underwater brand.
OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders.
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Plants growing underwater: an alternative system of agriculture for those areas where environmental conditions make plants growth difficult.
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MESTEL SAFETY is our brand for Protection Equipment, OEM productions and development in molding, electronics and engineering.
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