Professional Accessories Mount Kit R+L


Want to integrate lights, cameras, HUD displays or infrared underwater viewing devices to your OCEAN REEF Full Face Mask? It has never been so easy with Professional Accessories Mount.

The accessory rail system makes it possible to mount and dismount various devices to the sides of the OCEAN REEF full face masks. The rails stays mounted on the OCEAN REEF Extender Frame, while the devices are attached to sliders.

Pre-Drilled Extender Frame comes assembled with:

  • 2 Inodive Accessory Rails R+L (right and left) with Spacers
  • 1 universal slide
  • 1 clamping band

Assemble the Extender Frame on your Space or Neptune series mask (if present, remove Extender frame). The lights, camera and other devices are then changed by simply sliding them on or off the rail without removing the mask from the diver. With Professional Accessories Mount it is possible for a diver to have both hands free to accomplish difficult tasks under water.



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Extender Frame comes assembled with 2 Accessory Rails.
Assemble the Extender Frame on your Space or Neptune series mask (if present, remove previously mounted Extender Frame).

Follow this video tutorial:

  • Remove plate (2 screws)
  • Fit the clamping band with preferred orientation of tightening screw
  • Reassemble plate with screws
  • Slide on the accessory rail with preferred orientation for button pressing
  • We suggest use of tape on object on which the clamping band will tighten, to avoid damage.

Loss or damages to equipment assembled on the mounts is not covered by warranty and responsibility of OCEAN REEF.
The user takes full responsibility to ensure the accessories assembled on the mounts are secure and will not be damaged/broken/lost.

OCEAN REEF provides high quality, durability tested mounts but does not warrant the specific use, dive conditions (extreme temperatures, entanglement dangers, overhead environment, dangerous chemicals) that the user will expose them to.