Predator TDivers

Designed in collaboration with TEAM BLUE IMMERSION, Dahab technical specialized divers. Designed by technical divers for technical divers.

Key Features

• Doesn’t compromise on the sturdy traits of the top of the line PREDATOR
IDM with stainless steel components.
• O2 cleaned like a SPACE EXTENDER 100.
• Newly designed stainless quick releases.
• Streamlined, all black design.
• Adjustable flow stainless steel knob.
• Front cover made by IXEF-highly impact resistant.
• All Viton O-rings.
• Stainless steel frame.
• Glacier strap for low temperatures and standard strap included.
• Protective padded bag.
• Limited lifetime warranty.
• Male Quick connection included.

Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
Directional exhaust valve (4 positions).
Dive / pre dive switch.
SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.

- Cannot mount Extender Frame and Kit unless clamping band is switched to nylon: ask when ordering for quote.

Size M/L

Colors Black/Steel

Sku Black M/L OR030004

Why dive an IDM
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  • Apertometer: competitor comparison with our field of view.
  • Visor treating: the importance of having scratch resistance inside and outside means that, while an outside scratch on underwater equipment is a minor problem (the water will fill the scratch and you won't be able to tell it's there), an inner scratch will be very visible, also once underwater. Thus, OCEAN REEF IDMs, the only Full Face Masks with coating on the market, highly reduce the possibility you will ruin and need to swap your visor.
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It comes with
  • A padded bag to protect and carry your IDM
  • Warranty Registration - Limited Lifetime Warranty with these babies!
  • Equalisation plugs set. 3 sizes.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Standard Hose.
  • Stickers to show off you're an OCEAN REEF addicted.
sizing chart for IDMs web
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The Neptune Space is available in two sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large.The sizing and measuring system were designed in accordance with the official measuring procedure used in the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Charts at the SBCCOM Mask Fit Facility-Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland, USA). Before purchasing a mask, the customer may use the calliper to take two simple face measurements. Using the Full Face Mask Size Recommendation Chart, he or she can evaluate the size category into which the measurements fall. There are three different size categories on the chart: Small/Medium, Both, & Medium/Large. If the measurements fall within the both category, then the diver should technically be able to wear either full face mask (M/L or S/M), and in that case should try on a mask to select the best fit. Please note that the chart boundaries fade. The fading areas represent less common face measurements. It is very likely that a mask will still fit comfortably even if measurements are located in these fading areas.If needed, OCEAN REEF has available to purchase a measuring kit.
got questions
check out the FAQ section, the Training and Support videos for some answers to questions that might come to your mind like:
  • how do I equalise an IDM?
  • why IDM and not simply FFM?
  • does it fog?
  • how do i clear it from water?
  • what if it leaks?
  • OA situation?
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The beauty of diving IDMs is that you have a lot more than a mask and regulator – you have the space and ability to add (integrate) accessories to your breathing and visual apparatus. We have a whole set of accessories designed to add features to your mask that will broaden your options while diving.