Portable Air Control Module

• Lightweight, portable control box for surface air supply +

communication (if requested) operations.

• If communication is requested, a ALPHA PRO X DIVERS unit is installed

into the ACM (underwater units not included) permitting full duplex with

max 2 divers. Cables will then run down with surface air supply cables.

• Depth Gauge/Pneumo Systems: Dual reading gauges continuously

monitoring the diver’s depths from 0-40m (0-130ft). Maximum

recommended user depth: 40m, 130ft FSW.

• Depth Monitoring/Pneumo Knob is used to meter the flow of air used

for depth measurement.

• The Stainless Steel Air Outlets fittings connect the diver’s air supply

hose to the ACM, providing a strong, reliable, corrosion resistant

connection. Shut-off valves allow the isolation of one diver’s air supply

from the other.

• Regulator Adjustment Knob controls the air pressure delivered to the

diver’s umbilical. Variable pressure settings are obtainable.

• Selector Valve Handle is used to choose either one of the air supply

cylinders. Individual cylinders may be changed out without interrupting

the dive.

• High Pressure (HP) Supply Gauges directly monitor the pressure in

each of the air supply cylinders.





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