OCEAN REEF Ambassadors


Marcelo Ogata


Marcelo (aka Bugdreamer) is an amazing underwater filmmaker and photographer. His passion for photographing small critters dates back years before his diving career, on land. Now you can see the most incredible creatures of the Ocean in his works.



BlueNomads.Org was founded by Diego Arechaga and Ander Argote in 2016. The former IT engineers and passionate Technical Divers created this Social Enterprise to support Marine Conservation and Blue Economy through Innovation, Sonar Surveying, Satellite Analysis, Oceanographic Simulations… They dive using a unique OCEAN REEF IDMs Sidemount Tek System.

Maricris Legaspi


Maricris is a core member of BlueNomads.Org. She is the Project Manager and Technological Diver for the Hydrographic, Geophysical and Oceanographic Projects that BlueNomads.Org conducts for Engineering, Environmental Research and Marine Conservation. PADI Master Scuba. Diver Trainer and Team Leader.  Maricris is BlueNomads.Org official instructor for Ocean Reef IDM PADI Specialty courses where she teaches the game changing benefits of using IDMs and showcases the advance sidemount scuba system combinging the IDM with the Dual Tank Valve Manifold.

Guidotti’s brother 


Vincent and Guillaume Guidotti are two brothers from the south of France, hydrographic surveyors by profession and underwater filmmakers by passion. Divers from a young age, we have combined our skills, our ambitions and our inspiration in a great project consisting in doing underwater livestreams. Those livestreams will be our way to share our diving experiences and the beauty of the underwater life.

Anesti Vega


Anesti Vega is an oceanographer, explorer, and award-winning educator based in Florida and studies the oceans around the world. He also serves as a scuba instructor and expedition leader to advocate for our oceans and increase education, safety, and accessibility to scuba diving and ocean exploration.

Daniel Mendoza Iglesias


A real full face mask lover. Dani is the owner of Night Snorkel Cozumel Diving center. A great photographer and the best teacher you could ask for an amazing experience of diving or snorkeling in Mexico.

Emilio Mancuso


Marine biologist, photographer, dive instructor: this incredible man is Emilio Mancuso, our italian ambassador. Environmental conservationist and expert in citizen science’ projects. A real friend of ours and of the Ocean.

Giacomo d’Orlando


Giacomo d’Orlando is an award winning documentary photographer focused on environmental issues. His projects appeared in The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Paris Match, El Pais, Geo France, De Volkskrant, D-La Repubblica, Mare Magazin, among others. Today his work looks at how the increasing pressures brought about by climate change are reshaping the planet and how present-day society is reacting to the new challenges that will characterize our future.

Alberto Balbi


Award-winning professional photojournalist, founder of the ‘Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy’, the first Underwater Image Academy in Italy and its World-famous teacher. He works with numerous magazines and is part of the Italian television program “Missione Relitti”, about wrecks exploration.

Luca Balbi


Luca Balbi, born in Liguria in 2001, has the sea and diving in his blood. He starts diving at the age of 8 and immediately alternates between studying and collaborating with various diving centers, a balance that allows him to refine his skills and take over his first diving center in Albenga @centro_sub_idea_blu with his sister, Sara.
At the age of 19 he becomes one of the youngest instructors in Italy. As a profound connoisseur of the Mediterranean and attentive to environmental and social issues, he continues his technical training to help make diving a sport that attracts young generations and is open to all. During his work he is constantly accompanied by OCEAN REEF equipment, which he tests in all situations!

Matt Evans


Matt Evans, born in Ukraine as Gennadii Kravchenko, moved to Italy in 2014. Graduated in Radio Engineering in Odessa, he started his career as an artistic director, developing a passion for photography and video production. As a Content Creator, he collaborates with brands like GoPro, Dope Snow, Jobe, and many others. A lover of the underwater world, he decided to become an underwater videographer. This passion led to a collaboration with Y-40, the world’s deepest thermal water pool, where he became a key figure in many projects: the Y-40 Film Festival, a film festival celebrating the underwater world, and several underwater video production workshops. For his activities as an underwater filmmaker, he chose to use OCEANREEF full-face masks and communicators.

Jouni Kuokkanen


He started diving in 1992 when he got acquainted with the underwater world in Eilat, Israel. Since then, he has dived in several seas, such as the Red Sea, Arctic Ocean, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. His diving qualifications include PADI Master Scuba Diver, Icediver, and TDI TecRec 40. In 2006, he bought his first OceanReef diving mask and has not used any other brand since then.

In 2018, he took part in an operation to recover the engine of a Russian I-15 bis fighter plane from the Winter War era. The challenging conditions required a full-face mask and radio communication. The Shvetsov M-25B engine is now displayed at the Finnish Winter War Museum (Raatteeportti) in Suomussalmi.

Josiah Mackin


Josiah Mackin is a PADI, Platinum- Rated, Course Director, Tec Instructor, Cave Diver and Free Diver and one of the leading Instructor trainers in the world. Hailing from the USA, but residing overseas for the past 15 years, Josiah has dedicated his adult life to training the next generations of not only divers but dive instructors as well. His passion for training and diving has helped him to lead the team as Managing Director at the prestigious Utila Dive Center in Honduras for the past 5 years.

Shafraz Naeem


Shafraz Naeem, started his diving career in 1994 and as an ex-military dive instructor and a PADI instructor. He trained the Maldivian Special Forces in diving, has explored and is exploring deep cave systems and” deep reefs in the Maldives. On the 50th anniversary of the tourism and underwater industry of the Maldives he achieved a record spending 50 hours underwater!
OCEAN REEF wholeheartedly supports Shaff’s initiative to raise awareness on ocean plastic pollution in the Maldives and to encourage people to adopt a plastic free, Eco sustainable lifestyle.

The BIG Scuba Podcast

United Kingdom

Gemma and Ian are keen divers and the hosts of The BiG Scuba Podcast.  They are both qualified Ocean Reef Full Face Mask divers and have continue to capture their journey via The BiG Scuba Podcast and social media channels.  Gemma and Ian talk to many people on the podcast that have some connection to the oceans and the ultimate conservation of our planet, including all levels of scuba divers, artists, military personnel, film makers, actors and NASA astronauts.

Isabella Zandona


Isabella “Bella”, is a marine biology student, Advanced and Rescue certified Scuba Diver based in the Pacific Northwest. She’s had a strong passion for the ocean since she was very young. Now Bella uses her platform, divingwithbella, to share and educate others about the wonders of the ocean.

Marcin Pawełczyk


Enchanted by the Baltic wrecks his scuba diving passion turned out to be almost addiction, and it evolved into a lifestyle. In 2015 he set out to conquer caves and flooded mines. Since 2012 owner of the Divers24 news website and marketing agency.

Vincenzo Venuto


Vincenzo Venuto has dedicated his life to studying marine ecosystems and has been part of groundbreaking research expeditions to some of the world’s most breathtaking dive sites. Together, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of ocean preservation, inspire future generations of divers, and promote responsible diving practices.

Bigs Eggert


Bigs is the owner of Amun Ini Dive in Bohol Philippines, Sales & Marketing Director for Amun Ini Beach Resort and Scuba Instructor for over 20 years, where a free OCEANREEF Full Face Mask trials is offered. “We love covering divers to a new incredible way of diving”!

Rich Manley


He’s traveled and adventured all over the world using adventure skills, Climbing, backcountry skiing, scuba diving and free diving, piloting aircrafts, mountaineering, ice climbing, sky diving, whitewater and still water kayaking, and trekking to meet cultures and learn from them.

Jan Lee & Song 

South Korea

This cute couple of divers is also committed in environmentalism and Ocean protection. Song is an actress, the only Korean female PADI Ambassadiver and she has been up for a decoration by the Korean Coast Guard. We love their wedding picture while hanging thier Space Extenders!

Anton Pronichev


Anton is a long-term user of OCEAN REEF  products and the leader of the diving WildDucksTeam. Anton travels the world for diving explorations always with his OCEAN REEF IDMs! He is also a great underwater videographer!