Marine Planet

TV programme - Conservation Project

Ayesha is an award winning journalist and correspondent for Bloomberg and CNN, she recently decided to move from the regular news world to a conservation project that OCEAN REEF decided to support. This is what she and Ali are now taking on:MARINE PLANET - TV PRODUCTIONOcean Reef supports the world's first scuba diving travel show Marine Planet that promotes marine conservation ...

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alberto balbi1

Alberto Balbi


“I’m a freelence professional photo reporter and since I was young I’ve always been in love with the ocean.“ “Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy” founder - the first underwater photography Academy since 2014 - ( ) He collaborates with many international magazines like Il Subacqueo, SUB, Mondo Sommerso, Pesca Sub, Pesca in apnea, Mondo Sommerso, Focus, Me...

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jp sea shepherd1

Jean Paul

Sea Shepherd

Self Presentation: My name is Jean Paul but my friends know me as JP. I am a Computer Engineer from Chile, but I spent part of my childhood on San Cristóbal Island on the Galápagos Islands, always close to the sea. I discovered my passion for the uw world when I joined the Firemen as a Volunteer. Seven years in a Firemen Underwater Rescue Team (called GERSA )and five more years in a Mountain R...

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Ricky Koh

PADI Master Instructor

I have been a Scuba Instructor since 1997, with IDM i am able to communicate with my students and also enhance their safety. And the amazing thing is the mask dont fog and provide with a wide vision . I am a PADI Master Instructor. I am taking care of the distribution Arm of the company and also involve in conducting the try dives for ocean reef IDM...

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Cristina Zenato

Cristina Zenato - Shark Expert


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Fabio Bove

Underwater film

Self Presentation: My name is Fabio Bove, CEO and producer of Underwaterfilm Entertainment. My first experiences as underwater film maker during 1999 in Red Sea, but two years later I established the UNDERWATERFILM ENTERTAINMENT. One of our most famous tv show is “MISSIONE RELITTI”, but I have been working also on other series like “Blu…Missione Relitti”, “Night Dive”, “Scientif...

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lee kelly1

Lee Kelly

Underwater cinema- tographer

Work as a professional underwater cinematographer happened almost by accident for me. Right place at the right time I guess. I was always a surfer and spent most of my waking hours in the water or chasing waves around the world with my friends. I was never as talented as these friends of mine so often took on the duty of 'cameraman' to document them surfing in these amazing places. At the time, ...

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