Jean Paul

Sea Shepherd

Self Presentation:
My name is Jean Paul but my friends know me as JP. I am a Computer Engineer from Chile, but I spent part of my childhood on San Cristóbal Island on the Galápagos Islands, always close to the sea.
I discovered my passion for the uw world when I joined the Firemen as a Volunteer. Seven years in a Firemen Underwater Rescue Team (called GERSA )and five more years in a Mountain Rescue Team. Recreational diver, dive Instructor, Tec Diver.
As a diver and a human being I have always being concerned about helping others. Few years ago I decided to dedicate my efforts to help those that are really unprotected, the animals. Even before becoming a Sea Shepherd Crewmember I have been involved with a local Mexican NGO called ORGFAS, their goal is to rescue fauna on land or at sea. I have even been diving in Antarctica waters helping in some scientific research, taking samples of ice, water to investigate the environmental impact and climate change nowadays.
I’m now member of the Research Vessel Martin Sheen since my first operation in Costa Rica, Coco’s Islands, where I’m in charge of diving operations and drone piloting.
I love all the creatures of the sea, and having the oppurtunity to work closely to protect their ocean home is awesome.
I am ambassador of Ocean Reef for Sea Shepherd. Have the chance to dive wearing an IDM is such a great thing in terms of comfort and extra safety. It also gives me the opportunity to stay connected with the surface, or with others divers, during the uw operations using uw communication systems, a real bless from logistic and safety point of view.