Fabio Bove

Underwater film

Self Presentation:
My name is Fabio Bove, CEO and producer of Underwaterfilm Entertainment.
My first experiences as underwater film maker during 1999 in Red Sea, but two years later I established the UNDERWATERFILM ENTERTAINMENT.
One of our most famous tv show is “MISSIONE RELITTI”, but I have been working also on other series like “Blu…Missione Relitti”, “Night Dive”, “Scientific Wreck”, “Cacciatori nel Blu”, ad “ Il Mistero dei Laghi”.

Why Ocean Reef: I strongly believe that if you are an underwater film maker like me, if you are working underwater, you want to have a comfortable dive and the chance to communicate while diving! It’s a must. That’s why I am so happy to use the Ocean Reef products. The underwater communication is a great problem solving tool, but it also means extra safety.
Working underwater for hours is not easy, but without jaw fatigue and with the face completely warm it’s much better.