Marine Planet

TV programme - Conservation Project

Ayesha is an award winning journalist and correspondent for Bloomberg and CNN,
she recently decided to move from the regular news world to a conservation project that OCEAN REEF
decided to support.
This is what she and Ali are now taking on:

Ocean Reef supports the world’s first scuba diving travel show Marine
Planet that promotes
marine conservation whilst showcasing the world’s most beautiful
destinations but from a different perspective – underwater.
Inspiring and enchanting, the oceans are pivotal to our existence, to
economies and tourism industries. Through the eyes of scuba divers – the
modern day explorer, Marine Planet is a show that connects the global
diving community and also encourages non-divers to discover our
marine planet for themselves – to see the beauty and feel the need to
Marine Planet, a Tesla Production, will travel the tides to educate
inform and inspire – to be your personal underwater travel guide. By
using Ocean Reef IDMs on some of our dives, the production team which
has combined, over twenty years of experience with international news
channels such as CNN and Bloomberg, benefit in terms of a greater field
of vision and the ability to communicate underwater makes filming a lot
easier. It is also a great way to make an even stronger connection with
their viewers.
#Travel #Scuba #Inspire
Instagram: @marine_planet