Alberto Balbi


“I’m a freelence professional photo reporter and since I was young I’ve always been in love with the ocean.“
Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy” founder – the first underwater photography Academy since 2014 – ( )
He collaborates with many international magazines like Il Subacqueo, SUB, Mondo Sommerso, Pesca Sub, Pesca in apnea, Mondo Sommerso, Focus, Mercedes Magazine, Aqva, Subaqva, Immersione rapida, M.a.r.e., Pescare apnea, Buceadores (fr), Apneà (fr),Apneà (sp) , Mundo Fondo (sp), Inmersion (sp). Director from 2011 till 2014.
Host of the TV show “Missione Relitti”

Why Ocean Reef: Since when I was a commercial diver I used to dive with the Ocean Reef equipment..
Years later, even if I’m doing a different job, I’m still using Ocean Reef. These products are the best option for me while i’m working underwater as photographer, but even while I’m teaching at the Academy. Having the chance to communicate with my students is an incredible advantage. Once you start using these products you simply can’t get

Being an Ocean Reef Ambassador to me is like being part of a big family.